Samsung have filed a new trademark for what could be a new range of mobile phones. What we are talking about here is the new Rize series – specifically the Rize10, Rize20, and Rize30.

Some have speculated that this might even be Samsung trying to launch Tizen mobile, again, on a new set of hardware, but I think that will not happen. Tizen source code has been untouched for far too long now and code rot has definitely set in. I think its best to share a post about the demise of the Tizen phone and I’ll hopefully get that out soon.


Samsung 2019 mobile roadmap

As we go forward into 2019, Samsung is developing on a number of different series of mobiles. The Galaxy A series has mobiles like the Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50. The Galaxy M series has mobiles like the Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20. So the numbering convention of the new Rize series seems like something that Samsung is actively promoting across some of its different ranges of phones.

All the other series have a letter; the A, M, J, F, S, Z series have a letter and we know there are plenty more letters left in the alphabet. F series seems to be reserved for the foldable smartphones and Z series is obviously Tizen.


Why should Samsung Introduce the Rize named series phones?

This is the confusing thing. So why Rize? As mentioned previously some are speculating that new Tizen based phones are on the horizon but that doesn’t make sense. Samsung will not use Tizen and they have no other mobile OS to use other than Android.

More likely is that this is a new range that cuts further into being cheaper to produce with more power under the hood. Time will tell exactly what the differentiating factor will be between this series and the others mentioned previously.


Trademarks for Rize10, Rize20, and Rize30

If you are Interested at browsing over the filed paperwork for the trademarks, here they are: