Samsung has added another niche feature to its mobile payment service Samsung Pay. It can now automatically pull up your Favorite Cards when your device is awake near an NFC (Near-field communication) terminal. The latest addition brings another layer of convenience to the platform, which already boasts MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) support.


Samsung Pay can now open Favorite Cards automatically

Since its launch in 2015, Samsung Pay has gone on to become one of the most widely used mobile payment service in the world. The service has approximately 2,000 banking and financial partners across 24 global markets. One of the major reasons for such a huge adoption of Samsung Pay is its support for MST technology. The technology enables Samsung Pay users to pay for things at just about any card machine, even at merchants that don’t have special NFC terminals.



Meanwhile, the newly added feature makes Samsung Pay more convenient to use where NFC is available. Once you update Samsung Pay to the latest version, it will automatically start pulling up your Favorite Cards every time your phone is awake near an NFC terminal. You can just tap on a card to make the payment. There’s no need to scroll through the entire list of added cards just to get that particular one. It shaves some time off the entire process, but obviously, you need to set up at least one favorite card first.


The feature is available on the latest version of Samsung Pay. You can download (or update) the latest version of the app from the Google Play store. If there’s no update available for you, you can also try sideloading the apk from APK Mirror.


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