Got yourself a new Samsung Gear S3, or the Galaxy Watch, this festive season? Then you might want to spend a few extra bucks for this case cover which not only protects your watch from scratches but also gives it an added style. And it’d cost you less than $5.

Shock-proof and Shatter-resistant case protector for Samsung smartwatches

Samsung‘s smartwatches have always been good looking. The company’s signature rotating bezel gives that watch a sleek look. But it’s also the most scratch-prone part of the watch. So why not add an extra layer of protection?

While there are hundreds of bezel protectors in the market, this particular by UBOLE might just be the one you’re looking for (link below). It is a simple looking flexible case cover for the Samsung Gear S3 and the Galaxy Watch (46mm). It is soft and well protects the outer part of your watch from bumps and scratches.

This case protector is available on Amazon in six color options, namely Black, Clear, Silver, Gold, Gray and Champagne. It is priced at $9.99, but if you buy a pack of five, it costs you only $21.99, effectively less than $5 for each. It is an Amazon Prime verified product and is eligible for free shipping.

Meanwhile, you may also want to check out this tachymeter scale bezel cover for the Gear S3 and the Galaxy Watch. It is a little more costly, but also significantly adds to your watch’s style statement. And if you’re new to Samsung watches, here are a few tips and tricks, as well as some apps to help you get going.

Click on the “Buy Now” link below to check out the UBOLE bezel protector on Amazon.