Samsung Electronics has announced the addition of more value for its foundry customers by adding RF/IoT and fingerprint technology solutions to its  8-inch (200mm) technology solutions foundry services.  All of Samsung’s 8-inch offerings, ranging from 180nm to 65nm are being processed from Line 6 in Giheung, Korea a facility specially dedicated to it.

Samsung is offering its customers more solutions on its  8-inch process technology which includes eFlash that will be offered in  130nm and 65nm, Display Driver IC (DDI) will come in a 180nm, 130nm, 90nm, 70nm variation. The Power chip will remain the same  130nm and 90nm but with BCD+eFlash, the CMOS Image Sensor will be offered in 90nm while the additional RF/IoT ultra-low leakage device will come in 90nm and the Fingerprint Sensor in 180nm.

For now, Samsung is working closely with its customers are working closely to utilize the 8-inch technology offerings in various applications. Vice President of Samsung’s Foundry Marketing, Ryan Lee explained their addition of the RF/IoT and fingerprint segments, he says,“Customers’ interests are very high given the industry’s needs for alternative 8-inch solutions…By expanding our technology offerings into the RF/IoT and fingerprint segments, we will enable our customers to take advantage of Samsung’s state-of-the-art 8-inch solutions in a broader range of applications”.

Samsung launched its Samsung Advanced Foundry Ecosystem (SAFE TM ) this year. The company has also focused more on the 8-inch foundry market since it made the Samsung Foundry a separate business last May.