Facer is introducing a new feature to the Facer platform called the Smartwatch Tracker. The Smartwatch Tracker is inspired by Flickr’s Camera Finder and this new feature is going to utilise the wide collection of Facer’s data.  With the Facer platform, tracking the most popular smartwatch devices by brand, model or OS just became easier.  

A weekly update of the charts and ranking of the smartwatches will aid Facer’s designer community to get a better understanding of the trend of the smartwatch market and adapt their watch faces to fit it. As points and smartwatches become available, they will be added to the platform.

Interestingly,  Wear OS by Google which was formerly known as Android wear is having a market tie with Samsung’s Tizen. Although, Wear OS has been leading by a slight margin increase in the past weeks. 



The Korean Tech giant is dominating the charts with its Samsung Gear S3, although the  Samsung Gear Sport is lagging a bit behind, this may likely be dues to its market target which is the fitness community. There’s also a new entrance into the Wear OS market called the Mobvoi’s Ticwatch Express. It has already been well received and has seen relative success despite its bring a newcomer.


The Facer platform with its latest feature Smartwatch Tracker has more data you can check out about Smartwatches.