Tech giant Amazon is integrating its AI Voice Assistant Alexa into other home gadgets besides its smart speakers. Amazon aims to take Alexa beyond its smart speakers Echo and into on-the-go devices such as headphones and wearables. Amazon announced the introduction of a Mobile Accessory Development kit to aid third-party gadget developers to add the company’s voice-controlled virtual intelligence assistant Alexa to more gadgets. Hardware companies can now do lesser coding and minimal investment in hardware to integrate Alexa into their products.

Devices that are Bluetooth audio enabled can connect directly to the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) through the Amazon Alexa app (for Android and iOS) on the user’s mobile device. The developer tools include Alexa Mobile Accessory kit with this, Alexa can function in Bluetooth products like headphones, smartwatches, fitness trackers, other audio devices, and more. Features available through the AVS include; calendar management, media streaming, weather updates and smart home capabilities. You can also control your Bluetooth device with a simple command, control your smart home, call or text people, navigate while driving, order food products and services.This kit is already being used by several companies, including device makers and solution providers: Bose, Jabra, iHome, Sugr, Wilkins, Linkplay, Librewireless, Bowers, and Beyerdynamic, and Wilkins.


The simple idea is that Amazon aims to penetrate the market by allowing hardware developers focus on gadgets production without worrying about voice computing. This prospect is very attractive as it synchronises Amazons AI voice assistant with other gadgets besides the Echo speakers. ┬áBy tapping a few codes hardware developers can integrate their products with the Amazon app. Companies like ┬áBose are already tapping into this offer to produce Bluetooth headphones that can compete with Googles Pixel Buds and Apple’s AirPods. This new collaboration between Amazon and Hardware developers will grant its users a vast number of information, skills and values. The kit will be available for use later in the year.