Samsung’s Rewards Program was started with the goal of encouraging Samsung’s users to engage the OEM’s software services such as Samsung Pay, its new AI Bixby, along with its Internet Browser and Samsung Health.

The Korean giant issued a news release this week, stating that its Rewards Program has seen above-projected growth, with 1 million new users having joined the Rewards Program this month (November) alone and a 25% month-over-month growth. Samsung Pay saw a 48% increase in usage, Ask an Expert increased by 46%, and Bixby and Samsung Health saw a 54% usage increase.

The Program has expanded to six new markets, including Korea, Singapore, and Brazil, and now has a Web experience ( where users can log on, view point totals, and purchase items with their points.

Tier NameNumber of Qualified Transactions made during the Calendar MonthPoints Earned
Entry Level0 – 510 Point/Qualified Transaction
Silver6-2020 Points/Qualified Transaction
Gold21-3030 Points/Qualified Transaction
Platinum31  or more40 Points/Qualified Transaction


Samsung says that it’s not done yet with its Rewards Program, as it will bring even better services to the service. “We are also exploring adding…new features that our customers will enjoy, such as peer-to-peer points sharing and integration with partner loyalty programs.”

In honor of the one-year anniversary of Samsung Rewards, Samsung will launch a 1-year anniversary instant win opportunity later this week (Thursday), giving 1 million users the opportunity to win instant prizes. The anniversary contest will last until December 31st (New Year’s Eve). Users only need 10 points to qualify for the instant win opportunity.