Samsung Electronics started introducing the .NET platform to Tizen by taking part in the open source .NET project. Samsung along with the .NET Foundation, Microsoft, and other .NET communities contribute towards the open source project. Samsung enabled ARM32 support last year. They continued by enabling the x86 support through RyuJIT ARM32 backend implementation in parallel.


RyuJIT and Tizen OS

The .NET Code Generation team has been working on a new, next-generation x64 compiler, codenamed RyuJIT. This new JIT(Just in Time) compiler is twice as fast, meaning apps compiled with RyuJIT start up to 30% faster (Time spent in the JIT compiler is only one component of startup time, so the app doesn’t start twice as fast just because the JIT is twice as fast.) Moreover, the new JIT still produces great code that runs efficiently throughout the long run of a server process.

While all the code samples compile faster with RyuJIT, it should be noted that the second line—RFC822 e-mail RegEx, which literally is off the chart! This is because regular expressions (a.k.a. RegEx) tend to perform especially badly on JIT64. Compiling this benchmark on JIT64 takes 60 seconds and consumes 1.4 GB of peak working set. With RyuJIT, it only takes 1.8 seconds and uses 199 MB of peak working set.

Paint.NET is a more normal example of RyuJIT wins. Its startup time went from 2.3 seconds on our test machine to 1.8 seconds. That indicates a compilation time decrease from 1510 ms on JIT64 to 970 ms on RyuJIT. Faster compilation with less memory usage makes everyone’s code run better.

“This is an exciting and unique experience to participate in enabling RyuJIT for ARM32 in .NET. Although we started this work last December with a little knowledge of RyuJIT, we have been able to introduce new features to RyuJIT for ARM32 with help from many developers and managers. The reviews from the managers are very detailed, giving us insight into the internal workings of RyuJIT, and even the smallest comments we greatly
appreciate. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those who have helped us, especially Bruce Forstall and Carol Eidt, for their special assistance. RyuJIT for ARM32 will not exist without them. Of course, there are some difficulties because working in different time zones, but we managed to capitalize on the time difference to maintain the development and the reviews can continue for 24 hours a day with the help of managers
and developers involved in RyuJIT. RyuJIT is still to be improved, and I believe that our relationship will last and we can continue to improve RyuJIT and .NET in the future, “said Choi Hyung-kyu, leader of the Tizen team .NET ARM32 RyuJIT.


Tizen Ecosystem and .NET Platform

The Tizen ecosystem is growing day by day. As the ecosystem is growing, Samsung has shown increased interest in .NET over the last four Tizen previews. Samsung has gotten positive feedback regarding the inclusion of .NET core with Tizen. The first official release candidate of Tizen OS with .NET is the Tizen 4.0, which will be released later this year.

“About a year and a half have passed since I made my first contribution to the .NET Core project, and it’s been about nine months since I submitted my first commit to enabling x86 / Linux CLR.It’s fun for me to contribute to ASP .NET Core. will never forget the moment when an example of ‘ Hello, World ‘ is running on x86 / Linux CLR for the first time.I would like to thank the members of the ASP .NET Core project, especially Jan Vorlicek, Jan Kotas and Bruce Forstall, for all their help. x86 / Linux CLR is not included in .NET Core 2.0, I believe that it could be included in the release in the near future, “said Park Jong-hyun, Team Leader of Tizen .NET x86 runtime.

Tizen 4.0 will include the latest ASP .NET Core along with the new Tizen C# API. The Visual Studio Tools for Tizen will be the go to IDE for Tizen App Development. This will also be reworked into a more polished and more stable release. This release of the IDE will also support the latest ASP .NET Core tools. Samsung along with the .NET Foundation and the Microsoft .NET team is greatly responsible for these achievements.

“I’ve been working with Samsung developers at Tizen, and thanks to the .NET Tizen project, I can participate in an active open source project and help in many ways Integrates the infrastructure of Tizen and .NET developers has become a unique experience We discuss what which must be fixed and what to do, and able to finish all the work smoothly In particular, I got a lot of help from Gaurav Khanna, Wes Haggard, and Peter Marcu Together, we built the infrastructure to build the ARM32 environment officially, and built and integrate separate development infrastructure for Tizen, “said Giuliana Yun Ji-young, leader of Tizen’s .NET release team.

Samsung and the .NET Community welcomes all of the Tizen Enthusiasts to celebrate the launch of ASP .NET Core 2.0. It will make us look forward towards the release of the Tizen 4.0.