Samsung has a key Interest in Tizen, and, because of this, is sovereign over its partnerships within the platform. The company has already shown in the first four generations of its Tizen-powered Z series (Z1, Z3, Z2, Z4, in that order) that the Korean giant wants to have Facebook in its corner. Samsung Tizen Smart TV owners are the first to receive a Facebook Video app on their devices, and Facebook has produced Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp apps for Samsung’s new platform. The most recent WhatsApp update for Tizen devices brought two new features, Voicemail and Call Again, to Tizen smartphones.

In Tizen 3.0, the newest platform overhaul pre-installed on the Samsung Z4, Facebook brings two new features to Tizen users in WhatsApp with Samsung’s cooperation: first, Tizen 3.0 lets you choose where to save media content (you can save WhatsApp media, for example, to the microSD card instead of on the phone itself) and the OS update will also delete duplicate files.

WhatsApp media, for those who know, can often download itself into internal storage and take up needed, precious, small space that you need for apps. Now with Tizen 3.0, users can choose to save their WhatsApp media to the microSD card so as to avoid disrupting important space in internal storage.

To enable SD card storage for WhatsApp media downloads, go to Settings -> Storage and RAM -> Storage -> Details -> Default storage locations -> WhatsApp file
Smart-Manager-Manage-Whatsapp-filesIf you are part of multiple WhatsApp chats where the same media is being downloaded onto your handset, then you can enable “Manage WhatsApp files” in your Storage and RAM settings. Say goodbye to duplicate WhatsApp files!