Last month, a Twitter app client was added to the Tizen Store by KDF named ‘Client for Twitter’. Today, another Twitter client for Tizen smartphones has been added by app developer Kamil Nimisz, named Wings for Twitter. First impressions are that this is a good Twitter app for you to use on your Tizen smartphone. Very simple, easy to use, fast, secure, and synced across all devices etc. aNother great feature of this app is the ability to support multiple twitter accounts.



  1. Using a real twitter app of your phone.
  2. Easy to navigate home timeline of all tweets
  3. Supports multiple twitter accounts
  4. It supports all type of tweet actions. i.e. like, favourite, retweet, reply, write a new one, follow and unfollow.
  5. Browse full conversation with anyone
  6. Supports all images files
  7. Show or browse any user’s profile
  8. Search button also available
  9. Tweet directly to your followers




This app has a new Twitter interface for you and a home screen app icon to control it. This client app is available now for all Tizen-powered smartphones like the Samsung Z1, Z2 and Z3. Download it from Tizen store from Social Networking apps category and the app has a download size of less than 4 MB.