It’s our vision that helps us shape what tomorrow’s technology will look like. Samsung Design America are no strangers to the idea of vision and want to conceptualise the future of television or in our case Tizen television.

Samsung wanted to realise how their products could adapt to this new world in which you are able to play any of the world’s media content, which is available anytime, anywhere on any given device.

The TV would still hold centre stage in this new reality, but you find the content that fits your mood, and not the other way round as we currently find. “What am I in the mood for?” Do you want to watch a movie about romantic Paris? Well, just speak into your super sleek tablet/controller and the TV will find what you want. You can throw in other ingredients such as funny etc to make sure it is what you want.

Using an intuitive user interface, you could dial up or down different moods or feelings, watching the content results change in real time. Check out the video below to see the next generation UI in action: