Some Tizen dev news for you guys today as there has been an update to the Tizen SCM Tools. This is seen as a small update to version 16.02.2, from the previous 16.02. version. Check below for major changes and also new features and enhancements that have been added:

Major changes:

  • Bug fix
    • Fix conflicts in installation gbs onto Ubuntu 16.04
    • Revert gbs package selection policy – local repo has highest priority
    • Modify export option to avoid warning message – (Warning: Deprecated option ‘–git-export-only’, please use ‘–no-build’ instead! )
    • Do not print error string “unknown keyword in config: copylinkedpackages:”
    • Use correct dir for creation of icecream env
  • New feature and enhancements added:
    • Add –use-higher-deps option, With this option, higher version of packages are installed, regardless of repo type
    • Add hostarch information for build configuration
    • Add exclude-from-image option to exclude specific images
    • Add subcommand option parameters(-v, -d, -i)

You can download the latest version and also check the release notes from here. Remember, for app development you can use the Tizen SDK to develop your Tizen apps.