There is a lot of commotion in the Tizen Smartphone world at the moment as the launch of the Samsung Z2 is only a matter of days away on August 23, with the device hopefully going on sale shortly thereafter. The Tizen Experts team will be covering the event for you live, so please keep Tuned in!


Whilst we wait for the Z2 there is some more Interesting Information. According to some shipping details as a Samsung Z9 Smartphone with model SM-Z930F has been imported into India for Research and Development purposes. Looking at the model number we can deduce that this will be a 4G Tizen handset. Many Tizen enthusiasts have been asking for a high end Tizen smartphone and this might be the one, if we go off the price tag per unit, as it costs approx 5 times as much as a Z2.

The anticipated launch markets for the Samsung Z2 will be: Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Turkey, South Africa, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates. This could pave the way for the Z9 to launch in these markets as well other european countries, such as Russia, Germany, France, and the UK. There are 8 Tizen smartphones that have been released or are under development at the moment: Z130, Z150, Z200, Z210, Z300, Z510, Z910, Z930.

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