Samsung has kicked off a developer contest for devs that are based in the Ukraine, with the purpose of creating Interesting and unique applications for Android, Tizen and the Oculus Mobile Virtual Reality (VR) headset. For us at Tizen Experts we are obviously hoping for some great apps for this important region. We have been expecting a Smartphone for the Russian / Ukraine for the last couple of years so this move can suggest the device will be launched in the near future.

The total prize fund is 1 million hryvnia, which will be distributed among the winners of first, second and third place. You can enter this competition if your an individual developer or if you are part of a team. Your Application must comply with interface standards, pass approval of the Tizen Store, and be registered on the competition website.

Your app needs to be a useful, bug free (as much as possible at least), offer local design elements, be a unique Ukrainian app. You have until 30 September in order to submit your app with the results being announced on October 12.