ARTIK Cloud Challenge

Ever since Samsung relaunched SAMIio in the form of ARTIK Cloud, the company has been working hard to bring developers to work and build on the platform. Samsung have now hosted a competitive event called the ARTIK Cloud Challenge. Some really cool prizes are to be won, check out here for more details. The ARTIK Cloud Challenge entries are to be judged under these four categories-

  1. Best Personal Tracking/Wearables application
  2. Best Transportation application
  3. Best Community/Smart City application
  4. Best Smart Home application


But what does Tizen have to do with ARTIK you ask? The ARTIK hardware boards have been made compatible with Tizen OS 3.0 which can cover the hardware part of the IoT development. Things don’t change much with the ARTIK Cloud platform either as it supports Tizen OS 3.0 .In the past we have talked a lot about Samsung’s smart Tizen powered TVs and how they are envisioned to be the single Home automation hub in every living room. Samsung’s SmartThings is another example, having already made compatible with Tizen OS on the Z3 it won’t be long until these data get transferred onto the ARTIK Cloud for leveraging and ease of access/control of IoT devices.