Samsung’s tool for creating your own watchfaces – the Gear Watch Designer Beta program has been given a new update for both Mac and Windows. The major highlight of the new update comes in the form added support for the first-gen Gear S smartwatch. Until now, the Gear Watch Designer Beta was only supported for the Tizen based Gear S2 and the recently announced Gear Fit 2. This new update’s added compatibility to the first generation of Tizen based Gear S smartwatch hints at a possible major software/UI changes to be announced in the near future.

The Gear Watch Designer hosts an UI similar to the likes of Adobe Photoshop and Flash to make things easy for users. The program has both amateur and expert mode letting you play around with simple templates or with every finite elements of the watchface respectively. Users can upload their creations to the Gear store and even monetize from it by giving them a price tag. Another aspect of the Gear Watch Designer is that users don’t require any coding skills to work with it.

Head over to Samsung Developer Website and download the latest beta [v.1.1.1_beta – 21 Jul, 2016] by choosing your operating system.