Gear Manager updated to version 2.2.16070451

Today, the Gear Manager app, which is used to connect a Smartphone with the Gear Smartwatches, has received another update, taking it to version 2.2.16070451. There is no changelog at the moment so this possibly the usual bug-fixes and performance improvements.

One thing that seems to be new is the option for Background data that is found under settings. You can allow watchfaces and apps that are currently not in use to receive information. Once you have enabled background data you also have the option to select individual apps, in our case the recently released iNels home control app.


Manual Update

If you do not get a notification to update the app you can do it manually by following the Instructions below:

  • Launch Gear Manager App on your Smartphone
  • Select Settings
  • Scroll down and Select App version
  • Select Update



Find anything else Interesting in the update? Let us know in the comments or using our contact us page. Thanks to Andy for the tip 😉