Video Editor App for the Samsung Z3

Video Editor is an Application that lets you edit video files directly on your Samsung Z3 Tizen handset. You can trim the start and end points of the video as well as being able to reverse the playback if you so wish. After your editing you get to preview and then save if you are happy with your creation.


  1. Launch application and select any video file list in the gallery.
  2. Supported resolution of video is up to HD. Width and height should be multiple of 16.
  3. Supported Video formats: Mp4
  4. Featured supported: Video playback.
  5. Fast Trim: Region in between start and end bar will be saved as new video file.
  6. Reverse the video clip between start and end bar segments
  7. Rotate the video frame during playback and save accordingly
  8. Once operation is completed, option is provide to preview the video clip
  9. Option is also given to retain, delete or share the the generated clip


Video Editor is free to download from Tizen Store and only available for the Samsung Z3, with no news on a Samsung Z1 version at the moment.