The technological race is a relentless one. Every manufacturer and software provider on the quest for that unique implementable idea that can capture the consumer mindset and they climb the market share ladder. Now there are a few Samsung patent filings that show what they believe their Gear watches might be capable of in the future.


The first patent shows how the Gear devices will Integrate with the Gear VR headset, enabling you to do such things like moving items around you or allowing you to point a machine gun to blow that aliens head off, all possible?

Now onto the next patent, where you are able to Interact with samsung home appliances in your smarthome by waving at them, an Interesting way to beckon your air conditioner, washing machine, and television to your command. Gesture control on Samsung TVs is something that the company has been working on for a while now and Gear Integration with Gear devices could give it a more granular level of control.


Samsung is looking at making the TV a central control unit of your Smarthome which also controls your smart appliances. Waving at your appliances might not be the so important, waving at your kettle to switch it on might be a “because I can” sort of thing. The implementation in the VR world and the Smart TV however makes sense, the two fit together for a compelling user experience.

Samsung Patent Images