According to some Industry sources the Samsung Z3 smartphone is currently ranking as fourth most trending phones in the world. The ranking is compiled by various press sources which gather consumer search inquiries and news, and select the top 10 trending smartphones of the week. The Z3 went on sale in India only 3 weeks ago priced at Rs 8,499 ($130), so this is a significant achievement for a largely unknown Operating System (OS).


The Z3 has gained attention by being a mid-range smartphone that offers good performance, great battery life, and all at a reasonable price. Tizen also got more world attention recently when Q3 it overtook Blackberry as the fourth largest shipping Smartphone OS in Q3 2015.

It is hoped that we will see the Z3 go on sale in some emerging markets such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, which are countries that the Samsung Z1 is currently being offered in. In order to offer the Z3 to more consumers Samsung is preparing for Russian and European launches.