According to a report in the Korean media, Samsung Electronics is planning to merge the Tizen Operating System (OS) with the Internet of Things (IoT) IoTivity platform, In order to enhance the platform’s competitiveness. No details have been disclosed of how technically this type of merger would take place and what structural changes would be Implemented. The plans were unveiled during the Samsung Open Source Conference (SOSCON) 2015, that took place from October 27-28 in Seoul, Korea.

IoTivity is the reference implementation for the work of the Open Interconnect Consortium, who are defining a standard and a certification program for the device-to-device connectivity needs of the Internet of Things (IOT). Currently the platform has 73 members that includes the like of Intel, Cisco and GE Software.

Recently we have seen the Source Code being released for IoTivity 1.0.0. We have also seen sessions about IoTivity at the Tizen Developer Summit, Conference and also at OSCON 2015. We will provide you more Information as we get it.