The Samsung Z3, the latest Tizen based Smartphone, which is only currently only available in India, with aspirations of launches in further International markets. According to an Industry source in Korea, more consumers are interested in purchasing a Z3, in-fact some are directly buying the Z3 online with others purchasing devices through Internet group purchase programs.

Korean consumers look favourably on the Z3 as it can be operated on the SK Telecom and KT wireless networks and also benefits from using the same battery as the Samsung J5, which is already available in this market. Another important fact is the price, at 150,000 won (US$130) it is seen as quite reasonable for this type of handset. There is also increased demand in Korea for unlocked handsets that are not purchased from a mobile carrier, hence it is hoped that a Korean launch will also be on the cards.

The first Tizen Smartphone, the Samsung Z1, has sold more than 1 million units (updated in July 2015) in India, with some rumours stating that the updated figure might even be closer to 1.7 million. An official from Samsung Electronics said, “We don’t have a plan to launch the Z3 in the domestic market yet.”