The Samsung Z3 was launched with a Facebook HTML5 web app, just like the Z1 that was released before it. Today the Z3 app got a major update as the Web App was replaced by a full NATIVE app. We have seen the development of this app behind the scenes for months now, and it’s great to see it finally released. Natives apps are usually executed faster on the device as they talk directly to the Operating System and “usually” have to sync less with the cloud.

Web Apps are great for a variety of uses, but for use cases such as the Facebook app, native is definitely the way to go. This update confirms the commitment that Facebook has got towards the Tizen ecosystem, and we can hopefully see this app ported to other Tizen platforms ie Smartphones, Tablet, TV, Car and other devices. Smaller software development houses should see this native app as a clear indicator that Tizen is definitely worth developing for and they need to get on the Tizen band-wagon 🙂

Note: There is no news about the update for the Facebook Samsung Z1 app, but it shouldn’t be too far off.

How to update

You can get the update by simply launching the pre-installed Facebook App and it will do the rest automatically.



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