The Samsung Gear S2 went on sale today in US, Korea, Singapore and Germany. We expected a new version of the Gear Manager application, which enables the smartwatch to talk to the smartphone, to become available on the Google Play Store in order for non-Samsung Android devices to be able to connect.

Gear Manager from Play Store

There is a new Gear Manager version 2.2.15092142, but you need to browse to it by using the link below in your Smartphone browser:

  1. Browse to
  2. Choose if it is a Samsung Galaxy Devices or Other Devices that you want to connect to

  4. Selecting Other Devices should take you to the Play Store, where you can download and Install the Gear Manager.

  6. Download and Install.


Download Files

Some users of OnePlus devices have been unable to download the files via the Play Store. Thanks to XDA Developer idle0095, the two required files are available and downloadable below:

  1. up-com-samsung-android-app-watchmanagerSeptember-30-2015v2-2-15092142N-apk.apk

NOTE: You use these files at your own risk.

Thanks to William McBee (gerbick) for the pictures.