Samsung Electronics Co has reportedly sold over 1 million Tizen based Z1 smartphones since initial launch in India, which is under 6 months ago. That is a significant achievement for a new Operating System.

“It has been better than expectations for us,” said Asim Warsi, vice president for marketing, mobile and IT at Samsung India. “It stacks up equal and better with some of its neighbouring models in our portfolio.” Samsung has five models in the sub-$100 price band.

Samsung now plans on delivering a Gold variant of the Z1 next month and has also confirmed more models are on the way. The Z1 launched at 5,700-Rs whist the second Tizen handset is expected to go on-sale for between the 8,000-Rs 15,000-Rs range. We have previously reported on a rumoured Samsung Z3, so this could signal it’s launch? The handsets will also be manufactured in India at Samsung’s factory in Noida.

The Tizen Store has doubled the apps that it has on offer since January and more will be added after the Tizen Development Summit that is being held 30-31 July in Bengaluru, the recently released event schedule can be found here. Roughly 800-1,000 app developers are expected to attend the first Tizen developer event to be held in the Indian sub-continent.


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