The Tizen Operating System has got unexpected interest from the Russian Federation, as the Minister of Communications and Mass Communications Nikolai Nikiforov showed his enthusiasm for the Tizen based Samsung Z1 and the “de-monopolization of the global IT-ecosystems”. When prompted about the lack of software, Nikiforov said that conditions will be created to promote the independent mobile OS.

 The Minister tweeted that developers will receive grants in order to port their existing Android and iOS apps to the independant Tizen and Sailfish Operating Systems. Nikolai Nikiforov also gave assurances that Tizen and Sailfish OS Smartphones will soon be available to consumers in Russia.


Nikolai Nikiforov is known to be wary of closed operating systems and has even contacted apple in July 2014 to open up their source code to reveal any hidden security back doors. Android is also seen as a OS of concern, as in theory it is an Open Operating System, but over time it is becoming more closed and restrictive.