Tizen – OS for Smart Life

Carsten Heitzler, who is the Principal Engineer at Samsung was onstage at Slush 2014 presenting Tizen OS for Smart Life. Slush is one of the biggest startup events of the year with over 13,000 attendees. Carsten discusses what is an Operating System and how Tizen is similar to other Linux distributions that are typically designed for server or the desktop environment, but in the case of Tizen it is much much more, with having the flexibility of being able to be used in things like Smart watches, Smart Cameras, TVs, Mobile Phones, Cars, IoT and anything that you can or want to fit an Operating System into, we have Tizen.

What is Tizen?

  • New Linux distribution that shares the Linux kernel with other Operating Systems like Android
  • Open Source project that you can view the Source code today
  • No need for an NDA
  • Code contribution is upstream first




Feel free to contact us to contribute to Tizen Experts. Thanks to Leon for the Tip about the video.