The Strap

The Original Samsung Gear S Smart watch shipped in two colours Black and also White and that was it for your colour choices. Later Samsung announced there would be some Gear S Wrist Straps shipping in five different colours: Cobalt Blue, Blue Black, White, Mocha Grey and also Supreme Red.



In all respects this is the Samsung quality as the original Gear S strap you are currently using, so you know this product well, but it is currently selling for £40 in the UK, which is about $62USD. This is a good product, but it’s at a premium price and you have to ask yourself, Do I really need it?


Below is a video showing a quick review of the Samsung Gear S wrist strap in the cobalt blue colour. This has the same quality as the original Gear S, but with a blue twist. In the video you can how you can pop the Gear S out of the wrist strap and fit it back in.






Additional Colours