Tizen TV News

The HOT News of the day is that Samsung have decided to start shipping Tizen on ALL of their upcoming Smart TVs starting 2015. According to industry sources, Samsung have taken this bold move following a meeting that took place on 29 December, and decided to only use Tizen across its complete upcoming TV line in an effort to boost its own Tizen TV ecosystem.

Samsung focusing its engineering efforts on one platform makes sense as Tizen TV supports unity and also Sony’s Playstation Now game streaming service. Tizen is a Linux based Operating System, so it would be exciting to see native games being distributed using the Game Service Platform, as other game development companies such as Marmalade, Cocos2d, Crosswalk, GameMaker Studio, Game Salad, Havok, CocoonJS are also welcome to work with Samsung on this platform.

Tizen TV is expected to be running Tizen 3.0 based on Tizen Common at launch and the non Intellectual Property (IP) Source Code released shortly thereafter. We also expect to see Tizen mobile based on Tizen Common, and with Samsung onboard working in a more open source model we can expect great things from 2015. Over the last year we have Samsung have ramp up their development work on Tizen TV and we hope to see the first commercial Tizen TVs being shown off next week at CES 2015.



Tizen TV All Share Framework

This is a demonstration showing the Samsung All share framework being used to display media on a Tizen TV, as well as a Tizen refrigerator.


Tizen TV (ProtoType)

This is a very early Tizen TV Prototype that was shown at the Tizen Developer Conference 2014.