A new bug-fix version of the Tizen Tools has been released, Version 14.03.1, which includes the following:

  • GBS 0.23
  • MIC 0.24.3



  • GBS 0.23 release
  • Added –fallback-to-native option, to enable gbs-export to fallback to
    “native” packaging mode for “non-native” packages with git tree errors
  • Added native config option in gbs configuration file to specify packages as
    “native” packaging mode explicitly
  • Added –skip-srcrpm option, support no source rpm building.
  • Start to support MIPS(mips and mipsel)architecture building targets.
  • Added –icecream option, to build with distributed compiler network.
  • Fix: build on development branch with –include-all option.
  • Fix: dependency issue on gbs repository for fedora.
  • Fix: disable invalid pylint errors.

For detailed information about GBS enhancements, refer to: [GBS Release Notes][1]

  • MIC 0.24.3 release
  • Added support for creating arm64(aarch64) images
  • Fix: qemu arm execution register issue.
  • Fix: remove –preserve-order option in taring fs image

For detailed information, refer to: [MIC Release Notes][2]


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“repa Release Notes”

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