According to a shipping manifest, Samsung has imported over 250 mobile devices, spread over several shipments, for Testing and Evaluation purposes in the last few weeks into India. We have seen a steady influx of testing devices for the Dual SIM SM-Z130H (SM-Z130H_SWA_DD) version that is hopefully going on sale in the next couple of weeks in India. We are most likely going to have a soft launch for the budget Smartphone device i.e No actual launch event, just a press release and information on where / when / how much about said device, which is a bit boring I think, live a little Samsung!!!


The Interesting thing we see about about the latest shipment information is that we also have a small quantity of Samsung Z (SM-Z910F) Smartphones for testing and evaluation, meaning that somebody within Samsung is considering the Tizen flagship device for India? The Samsung Z was due to launch in Moscow in July, but was put on hold. This could be a smart move, to release a budget Tizen Smartphone and then release a higher specification model.

I will refrain from calling the Samsung Z a flagship device, as by the time it all could theoretically get to market, the Samsung Z’s Snapdragon 800 processor will looked a bit aged, compared to the Snapdragon 801, 805 and potentially 810 processors that its rivals will have. Still, in India if the Samsung Z is offered at a very competitive price, then users might take the bate, a new OS, a new experience, and an un-bruised pocket. Potential Win?

Hopefully we will know by the years end.