At the Tizen Developer Summit 2014 Shanghai, Samsung were showing off the Gear S, and also the Samsung Z Smartphone. Taking a further glimpse at the settings we can see that it is listed as running Tizen 2.3, which recently saw the release of the Tizen 2.3 Beta SDK. As a recap, the Samsung Z was the Tizen flagship Smartphone that Samsung were due to release at the Tizen developer summit in Russia, but cancelled the launch with only 48 hours to spare.


At the Summit there was a booth on hand dedicated to educate prospective Tizen Smartphone developers to the pleasures of Tizen. This was indeed a sight for soar eyes.


DEVELOPERS !!!!! Great to get your hands on with a new Linux based OS.



Investigating the Samsung Z, I noticed the actual software version number listed was Tizen (TDS_20141019.003). Now we know that the figure in this section can easily be manipulated with a hex editor, but the Samsung people onsite insisted that software development of the Samsung Z was still ongoing, be it behind very closed doors, and this device was not dead. Still there was no official launch date that the company could provide, and the hope of the first Samsung Smartphone still lies in india, which also doesn’t have a launch date.



The hope is that Samsung has a change of mind and at least provides developers with this device in order for them to keep their interest in a Tizen Smartphone, and also be motivated enough to create / port their apps to the Tizen ecosystem. If they can also release a budget Smartphone that will be great, but the word of the day is RELEASE A SMARTPHONE. Please.