Samsung Electronics are looking at releasing Tizen TV as well as other other home appliances that will use the Tizen Operating System early next year, in fact we should see them at CES 2015. According to an executive that is in charge of the Smart Home range of products, Tizen will be found in increasingly more appliances. This is also what Samsung Co-CEO J.K. Shin mentioned in an Interview in August 2013 with CNET, that Tizen was destined to be the OS of Cross-convergence between many different type of gadgets and Industries.

According to executives of the company’s consumer electronic division on September 11, it would accelerate the pace of the Tizen-based business by introducing models embedded with Tizen operating system to be on display in the upcoming CES 2015 in Las Vegas early next year.

Kim Hyun-seok, vice president of Samsung’s visual display division, said, “We are preparing to launch Tizen TV by next year. Currently tests are under way to see how stable the system is. By early next year, you will see a lot of TVs with Tizen operating system at CES. As for Samsung Smart TV, it will ultimately be converged toward Tizen.”

Another executive in charge of Samsung smart home said, “Most home electronic appliances will be Tizen based from next year. Even though we haven’t decided which items are to be embedded with Tizen, there will be a lot of them.”

Samsung Electronics has favoured the Open Source, Linux based Tizen OS for TV and home appliances, as it believes it can take the lead in these markets, unlike the Smartphone market which is already dominated by Android and iOS.