Samsung have had a busy IFA 2014 already, with their Samsung unpacked event that they had yesterday, a Press conference earlier today and then BK Yoon, the chief executive of Samsung Electronics presented the keynote.

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The keynote directly addressed ‘The Home of the Future’, and shared Samsung’s vision of what it was, that technology need to fit into a users lifestyle without overwhelming it.


As the Big Data market is predicted to grow to $32.4 billion and 6 times faster than the overall IT market, more than 212 billion devices will be part of the Internet of Things by 2020. ‘Connectivity’ or IoT will trigger a quantum leap of innovation and “The biggest change, the biggest transformation, it will happen in our Homes, at a speed we can barely imagine” as BK Yoon said.


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Home of the Future needs to be

  • Protective – the home needs to provide us with physical security, and emotional comfort
  • Flexible – the home must make smart use of what space we have in crowded cities; it must adjust to new lifestyles that blend work, learning, and life
  • Responsive to each family’s needs – with technology that senses, learns and responds to our behavior
  • The home of the future will fit the home families needs, with a: A Show Me, Know Me, and Tell Me home that adapts to you.

    Samsung-IFA-2014-Keynote-Speech-BK-Yoon 5
    The key attributes of the future Home: A Show Me, Know Me, and Tell Me home that adapts and interacts to your needs, and becomes an Integral part of your life, much like your Smartphone or Tablet. Samsung want to take a leading role in this by partnering with industry leaders, such as the Open Interconnect Consortium, to create interconnected solutions and industry standards. Samsung has also acquired the technology and talent of SmartThings, a leading open platform for the next-generation smart home.