Generic ARM images are now available for Tizen Common that will allow you to boot it onto ARM architecture. Tizen Common is a base Operating System that can be used to build different vertical profiles for products, but you can use it on its own, if you so wished.






The following information is from a Mailing list post by by Philippe Coval:



Download and unpack tizen-common_20140812.3_common-qa-unsafe-wayland-2parts-armv7l.tar.gz from here

Mount kernel partition

sudo mount -o loop “TZBOOT.img” “/tmn/mnt/TZBOOT.img”

Switch VM on

cmdline=" root=/dev/mmcblk0 rootfstype=ext4 rootwait rootdelay=3 rw "

net=" -net nic -net user -redir tcp:$port::22 "

qemu-system-arm \
-M vexpress-a9 -m 521M \
$net \
-kernel "$kernel" \
-serial stdio -append "$cmdline" \
-drive if="sd,cache=unsafe,file=$disk" \

Log messages will print on console, until a black screen replaces them (missing DRM).

Since this target does not support Graphics acceleration, the framebuffer renderer must be selected until I’ll submit a weston patch to select fb as fallback.

So, let’s apply this workaround fix before restarting graphics env .

ssh -p $port [email protected] \
sed \
-e 's|/usr/bin/weston |/usr/bin/weston |g' \
-i "/usr/lib/systemd/system/display-manager-run.service"

This unsupported GPU is a major limitation,so don’t expect to run crosswalk or qtquick2 (boths needs GLES),but this can help to validate the core of system.

Now I can help to document how to use Tizen:Common for your favourite architecture. and provide some Tizen:Common support for other targets (feel free to create some bugs)

Got renesas, exynos which is supposed to get GPU support soon, and sunxi devices too. Watch out coming changes at :


Tizen:Common wayland for ARM on Qemu or device