rollApp is a cloud applications platform that holds the promise of being able to work with any app, from any platform, just by using the browser. Their technology supports Linux, Windows and Java desktop apps, and also works on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, iOS, Android and also Tizen. rollApp has the ability to integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud storage solutions. In fact, you can open the file, close your device, and your file will remain open, in the cloud!


They were at the Tizen Developer Conference 2014 in San Francisco with their CTO Dima Malenko, who did a presentation on “What We Learned From Porting 50+ Cloud Apps to Tizen”. They also did the same presentation at the TDSR14. Tizen is an Interesting proposition for them as it will be available on Tizen IVI (in-vehicle infotainment), Tizen Mobile, Tizen TV, Tizen Wearable and other profiles that are yet to be announced.


Users will be able to Install rollApp applications through the Tizen Store directly to their Tizen device. One of the must have features of any new platform has to be the ability to perform office productivity tasks on the move. Users want to be able to use MS office or other popular solutions like Open Office , which is popular with the FOSS community, on the move. Below is a video showing the desktop version of Open Office application running on a Tizen Smartphone using rollApp. All the features of the desktop application are supported.



  • Standards based HTML5
  • Pinch to zoom features
  • Ability to perform precise work


Below are some slides presented at the Tizen Developer Conference 2014:



You can also download the slides in PDF format.