The soon to be released Samsung Z Smartphone is now available in Remote Test Lab! This is a FREE service and lets you access a real device through the internet, in order for you to install and test your applications remotely. The Samsung Z is the first Tizen Smartphone to use this service.


Main Features

The following table shows main features of Remote Test Lab service.



Basic Function

Real-time Screen Transfer

Screen Touch,  H/W Button Control

Screen Management

Screen Quality Control

Orientation Modification

Screen Capture, Video Recording

Screen Session Share

Device Management

Application Management

Copy Clipboard

File System Access

Test Function

Log Viewer

Automatic Testing


How to use

After logging onto the Remote Test Lab service, you need to select a target device and also reserve a time slot for your selected device.

Samsung Z is now available in Remote Test Lab-2

  • You need to be a Samsung Developers member in order to use this FREE service.
  • If you have a Java security problem as below, please set Java security level to ‘Medium’ at the Java Control Panel.

Tizen Samsung Z Remote Test Lab 1

Tizen Samsung Z Remote Test Lab 2

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