Intel created the Modello User Interface as an open source Interface mainly as a proof of concept. It was developed using HTML5, and hopes to show the advantages, and speed of development of HTML5 applications opposed to native apps. This IVI solution is designed for the modern world that Intel sees that we deserve to have, as part of our car IVI system. Modello can also be used to test Tizen web and javascript APIs, and also their performance on various hardware, in this case being the Nexcom VTC-1010 IVI unit.


You can use the Tizen IVI SDK in order to create prototype new UI elements or applications. As part of the Tizen IVI SDK, there is the Ghost cluster HTML5 UI, which can be used to simulate real world situations, and can debugged with the IVI SDK using the web simulator.

The video below was created at the Tizen Developer Conference, in San Francisco June 2014.