I usually tend to cover conferences with my Canon 7D Camera with its EF 18-55 2.8 Lens. Well, that was until I found out the Samsung NX300M was running Tizen, and then I promptly bought it in Korea, and I haven’t been disappointed with its speed or picture quality. Its not perfect for a blogger on the go, but its damn good kit!

Fast forward and now we have the Tizen based Samsung NX30, and just saying the words are making me drool. The NX30 brings with it an electronic viewfinder, motorised lens, Tag & Go functionality, built in flash, among other delectable features. This is probably as close to a DSLR camera, without actually being considered as one. The Samsung NX30 is so good, it was recently awarded the Best CSC Advanced award at the Technical Image Press Association Awards (TIPA).

Below is a video of Samsung doing a sneaky little test on the streets of Melbourne, Australia in order to dispel some common misconceptions that people have with regards to camera’s, bigger isn’t always better.