Yesterday we got the Tizen Samsung NX30 Camera, and so far it looks like a very interesting FAST device. So whats the first thing you do when you get a new piece of technology? You upgrade the firmware, well, I do at least. The latest version of the firmware available for the NX30 is v1.10 and below is the best change log we can find for you:

Version 1.10

  • Support External Wireless Flash and High speed Flash of SEF580A
  • Add new option of Sensor Cleaning (Shut down Action)
  • Fixed Proximity Sensor issue, automatically change Display/EVF under some of special light condition
  • Fixed 2D movie mark 3D movie issue, when you setting File Name-Date and recording March
  • Improved charging display, you can check 100% display after charging finished
  • Improved other bugs


You can download manuals, quick guides, software, firmware and update tools for the NX30, and also there is a lens upgrade file that supports the following lenses, and their current firmware release:

  • 18-55mm-I (v1.20)
  • 18-55mm-II_iFn (v1.10)
  • 18-55mm-III_iFn (v1.11)
  • 18-200mm (v1.10)
  • 20-50mm-I (v1.10)
  • 20-50mm-II (v1.00)
  • 20mm (v1.10)
  • 30mm (v1.22)
  • 50-200mm_I (v1.20)
  • 50-200mm-II_iFn (v1.10)
  • 85mm (v1.10)


Here are the support pages for two NX30 model numbers:

Upgrade Instructions

  • Download the relevant firmware file (lens or camera)
  • Uncompress it, so then you have a .BIN file
  • Copy the .BIN file to the root directory of your camera SD Card
  • On the Camera, Go into Menu -> Settings (looks like a cog) -> Device Information -> Software update
  • Select if you want to update either your camera or lens firmware, then confirm the update