Yesterday we had a version of Watch styler released that was compatible with the Tizen Gear 2, and is downloadable from the Samsung Apps Store. It comes with a few clock faces and lets you make your own themes as well. As an added bonus you are able to load your own themes, but I didn’t think there were any themes available, but it seems I was wrong. You are able to download clock faces from gearfaces and install them to your Tizen Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch 🙂




  • Visit and download the clock you want. At the moment only Analogue clocks are compatible with the current version of Watch Styler 1.2.01
  • Plug in your Android phone into your computer. You may need to install Android file transfer and make sure USB debug is selected in developer options
  • Copy the file to you Downloads folder
  • Launch Watch Styler Application
  • Select Load Theme
  • Select My files
  • Select the file you want to load and press Load, then press Ok to pop up message

To apply the theme to your Smart watch:

  • Launch Gear Manager
  • Select Home Screen Styler
  • Select the Clock tab
  • Select WatchStyler
  • If you select the Cog wheel on the right hand side you can change what clock theme is applied to your Smart watch

There are currently some great clock watches to be had, and they are all free. I’m REALLY looking forward to the Digital clock faces being compatible with watch styler in the near future as well.

  • MobileRoamer

    This just keeps getting better.

  • Ed Tranosky

    for those of you that don’t see it in the app store, you can download the watch styler APK from the gearfaces website. That is the only way I was able to get it, so i thought I would pass that on to all of you gear 2 users! But, I still can’t get that “multi watch” from the samsung app store, and I would love to get that one! Not to mention the PAYPAL for the gear 2? Does anyone know how to get that?

    • ex-28

      a lot of users are having this problem installing the apk , after install it says “app not installed” , but it still works , but once you make a theme then inside gear manager >homescreen styler>watch there is no option for “watch styler” in there , it doesn’t show up. this happends on users that are rooted and on stock as well , I got no idea why the app wont show up in the store either as I cant locate it and im on rogers , but another fellow on rogers found it.

      • Robin

        I believe Watch Styler only shows up (in Gear Manager Samsung Apps and as a pick in the Clock faces) for Gear 2 not Gear 2 Neo…

      • Alon Asherson

        I uninstalled watch styler and reinstalled via the gear manager samsung apps, after that, watch styler became an option in gear manager under clocks as stated.

        My main issue is watch styler keeps stopping while browsing theme files. it also does not seem to browse by name?

        Anyone else having issues where watch style stops on the theme browser? Or maybe I downloaded a bad theme?

  • Ed Tranosky

    even though I can create and use watch styler on my phone, i still need the watch styler app for my gear 2, or I can’t use the themes? Can anyone help me get the watch styler app for the gear 2, even if there is a way to side load it?

    • As long as you can get watch styler running on the phone, you can push clock faces to the watch. You shouldn’t have any further issues.

      • Ed Tranosky

        How do you get them to the watch? I don’t think you understand? You need the watch styler app on the fear manager or you can’t load the watch faces….

      • Hiren Shah

        I would also like to know how please 🙂

    • Isma

      I can’t load it to my Gear 2 neo either because I cant find the watch styler in the Gear manager “clock” menu

  • James “Ghosty” Hilton

    i have managed to get some of the digital ones working, the join analogue/digital, i can confirm the minority report ultimate 24hr works fine, on my uk gear 2 neo.

    • Just tried it, yep, works !!! Thanks 🙂

      • James “Ghosty” Hilton

        I also tried the suunto round style, and while watch styler picks it up it crashes while trying to apply it

  • PBR fan

    ive gotten it to install on my phone with custom ROM using some fixes, and show up under my clock in gear manager, however when trying to upload a theme ive downloaded and put on my phone it gets to “20% downloading” and wont go any further.

    any suggestions ?

  • bahamasjkh

    Actually… use to state..”and the best thing about is you do it directly from your phone!”
    Just go to on your phone! No need to use the computer… want a new face and your on the road? Simple… just dowload…. Watchstyler will find when you select load..

  • Rey Nocum

    You can clone ANY watch to your Gear 2 with Watch Styler. I have done it. See the pictures. You can add digital world clock to analog faces. Change battery info. You can even clone your real watch by just taking a good picture of it and do some graphics editing. Just activate any analog WatchStyler face on your watch, connect your watch to your PC via USB and change the pictures of the background and 3 hands. The files are located in the download directory of your watch storage. You can also change the bluetooth and battery indicators by changing the respective graphics. You can change fonts of dates and world clock by putting the font file in the theme directory. Don’t forget to rename the font file or edit the file “theme.json”. Be very careful with that file. You can change location and sizes if you understand the 10×10 grid system of the clock by altering figures in that file. You can even adjust your watch to be delayed or advanced by some seconds, minutes or hours with theme.json.

  • haron5544

    Can anyone give me a direct download for Android file transfer i didn’t find it

  • Jimmy

    watch styler is not an option in there what do I do?



  • Th3D0ctor

    Watch Styler just updated today July 2 to work with the Gear 2 Neo, works great so far

  • nom nom nom nom nom nom

    The whole reason I bought a gear 2 was because of watch styler, Now that I have my gear 2, I’m unable to get watch styler to install or link with gear manager.. I have the watch styler app working with in my device with the themes I want but when I apply them, it takes me to gear manager and there is no Watch styler option nor dose my theme appear in the clocks list.

    CAN ANYONE SOLVE THIS Mystery? I will gladly reward you $$

  • yasir ihtisham

    On samsung gear 2. watch styler aap load theme tab its crashing saying unfortunately app has stopped working. I have re installed the app as well on my note 4 but still same issue can any one help plzzzz

  • Phynomtalk

    Has any had problem with the Watch Styler on the Galaxy Note 4? I have all my themes loaded on the phone, but when I try to scroll down, I get a pop up saying the app has to close due to an unexpected error, or something to that effect.

  • Juji

    Crap. Does not work on half of supported samsung devices. Baffled as to why it was released so unstable but that seems to be the standard for gear 2. Nothing works.

  • Jsed

    When will the Gear S be included ?

  • Michael Neumann

    cant use watchstyler anymore since update to android 5.0. any suggestions?

  • Сергей Рекечинский

    after install don’t see in my gear2 and gear manager

  • Dave Walker

    I don’t see the app in the app store for the Samsung gear 2! Has it been taken down or no longer available?

  • bernardolira

    I don’t see any “theme file”… where does Watch Styler search and what is the file extension for the themes (is it “wstheme”)??

  • Barry Blunden

    Hi, trying to load theme onto gear 1 but I get “no device” pop up when trying to load with watchstyler

  • Barry Blunden

    Hi, trying to load theme onto gear 1 but I get “no device” pop up when trying to load with watchstyler