Watch Styler is an application that has been created by Omnitel utilities, and is now available to download from the Samsung Apps Store, for your Tizen Samsung Gear 2 Smart watch. As the name suggests, you are able to create your own custom clock faces for the Gear 2 / Gear 2 Neo, and this is something that people have been “literally” crying out for since the Gear 2 released.


What can you do?

  • Change the watch background. 10 sample pictures are included, but you can use your picture gallery, camera and you can also use a palette of solid colours
  • Create Analog or Digital clocks with the ability of changing the frames and clocks style, as well as the colour!
  • Support time in 200 cities around the world as a dual clock.



Recently we have brought you news of Multi-watch being submitted to the Samsung Apps Store, but it is still going through testing and it looks like Watch Styler has pipped it to the post. Once it is released to the store, we will review it asap.

Gear 2 Backgrounds

If your looking for backgrounds to use with the Watch Styler App, look no further as we’ve got Gear 2 specific backgrounds that you can create some stunning watch faces with.

Below are some more links to wallpapers:

Please let us know how you get on with this application in the comments?

  • Robin

    Looking forward to getting the Watch Styler installed… been looking but can’t find it on the Samsung App Store yet… hopefully its just one sleep away…

    • Robin

      Still can’t find it in the Gear Manager Samsung Apps store… on Rogers in Canada… any ideas anyone? What version of Watch Styler are you guys running that works for the Gear 2 watches?

      • The current version is 1.2.1 from the Samsung Apps Store. Sorry, I can only presume they have not released it in Canada yet.

        • Ed Tranosky

          It isn’t there, I even manually searched, and I am in the US, not canada?

          • Mike

            I’m having the same problem. Not showing up in Samsung App Store.

          • ex-28

            Canada rogers here as well , not seeing it

        • MobileRoamer

          I’m in Canada. Its available

          • ex-28

            are you rooted by chance wonder if that makes a difference ?

        • Robin

          MobileRoamer says he’s in Canada as well, and he sees it… Can you make the apk download available? Thanks!

      • MobileRoamer

        Open gear manager, go to Samsung Apps, “Utilities” category, then click the “Free” tab, and it’s the first app.
        I’m in Canada as well.

        • Robin

          I don’t see it… Tried again, this time even restarted the phone… No luck 🙁

          • MobileRoamer

            Check my response above.

          • Robin

            Sorry bud… I did see it, and followed it, but still don’t see Watch Styler (as you can tell from the screenshot)… or am I looking someplace else completely.

            Verified Samsung Apps is fully updated, both through the gear manager and on the phone. I’m losing it I think… 🙁

  • MobileRoamer

    Just installed it. Awesome. Hope they add ability to add shortcuts in future updates. Hope Tizen really takes off.

    • Ed Tranosky

      where did you find it, as it isnt showing up in app store

      • MobileRoamer

        Open gear manager, go to Samsung Apps, “Utilities” category, then click the “Free” tab, and it’s the first app.

        • Ed Tranosky

          Nope, not there

          • MobileRoamer

            Make sure your Samsung app store is up to date. Other than that, here’s the developers email. [email protected]

  • Ed Tranosky

    it isn’t in the samsung store, or the apps store? please advise?

    • TechieXP

      It’s in the Samsung App store that you go into from the Gear Manager application.

  • Robert Sisson

    does the digital clock in watch styler work on the gear 2

  • slider

    I’ve been using the app. I liked it, but a few times a day it reverts to the default face and I have to reset it. Anybody have a fix?

  • Th3D0ctor

    Watch Styler Just updated today July 2 to work with the Gear 2 Neo, works great so far

  • waver

    Nothing’s really there!

  • Fango Wolf

    Why has this disappeared from the samsung app store? I have upgraded my phone to an S6 and can’t find this app to reinstall.

    • 14M4N0NYM0U5

      It’s not relevant anymore I think. Watch maker Premium watch face is a much much better alternative.

  • Sanico

    It’s kinda simple would love to see more advanced options such number size, formats, and fonts, You can trick the system but the app has a lot of limitations.Already made my own theme and it looks really cool but yeah, It could be much better.