In-Vehicle-Infortainment or IVI for short is an exciting place to be right now, and it doesn’t get much more exciting than the Rally fighter vehicle, which is the first Open Source Tizen Operating System based connected car, made by Local Motors, in collaboration with IBM and Intel. The company welcomes co-creation and open-sourced collaboration, and therefore Tizen is a natural fit for it.

Local motors were originally approached by Joe Speed from IBM about creating an open source connected car, that would be showcased at the upcoming IBM Impact Conference April 27 – May 1, in Las Vegas.

This open source connected Rally Fighter will be:

The Linux Foundation formed the Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) to “facilitate widespread industry collaboration that advances automotive device development, providing a community reference platform that companies can use for creating products.”

Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) is an open collaboration between contributors from the Automotive Industry, the Communications Industry, Semiconductor Industry, Academia, Community and others, combining open source components into a core operating system software stack suitable for automotive applications. The AGL Reference Platform utilizes Tizen IVI as its core operating system stack and adds middleware packages and a user experience to it.

Below is a video showing the Intel Galileo board connectivity:


We will be bringing you a lot more about this exciting project soon 🙂