Intel’s Bay Trail processors were announced mid last year with the hope of selling for less than $200. Now it looks like the Bay Trail-T Quad core SoC chips that are built on the Silvermount architecture is getting ready to be released.

What makes Bay Trail different is that this is Intel’s industry-leading tri-gate 22nm process technology on a SoC. The seven new Atom processors are: Z3735D, Z3735E, Z3745, Z3745D, Z3775, Z3775D, and Z3795 SoCs are all quad-core with 2MB cache, better graphics (16% faster) and better energy efficiency for longer battery life.

Intel are one of the power houses behind Tizen, but the newer processors seemed to be targeted towards Windows and Android tablets, but with no news about Tizen at the moment. The only company that is still publically developing the Tizen OS for tablets is Systena.

Detailed specs of the new chips can be found at CPU World.