There was some rumours that Tizen 3.0 was going to be demoed today at the Tizen Developer Summit in Seoul, Korea. Well we didn’t see Tizen 3.0 but we did however see some of the features that we can look forward to:


  • Updated Core and ToolChain
  • Multiple user support – This is an important feature that Tizen IVI has and Tizen Smartphone is being a beneficiary of 🙂
  • Tizen 64-bit Support – True Linux based 64-Bit processing which other mobile phone OS’s have announced but because of their architecture and amount of onboard RAM it doesn’t mean much


New 3D UI framework – Offering an enhanced User Interface and blistering performance.

  • 3D Rendering Engine for 2D and 3D Objects in the real world
  • Dynamic Animation Library


  • WayLand based compositor – Previously Tizen was using the X windows management system but going forward we will be migrating to WayLand
  • Crosswalk – HTML5 based application runtime


Above are the Tizen Milestones. We can see that Tizen 3.0 is not scheduled for release until Q3 2014. So we know that the first wave of Tizen devices will not release with 3.0 but at least Tizen 2.2.1. First devices rumoured to be February 2014.