Just last week we have seen that Tizen has already been shipped in the form of the Samsung NX300M Camera to be precise. Now the rumours are that Samsung will be Launching a Smart Fridge at CES 2014.

Most people would of thought a mobile operating system would be happy living in the confines of a phone or tablet but why on earth a fridge? MeeGo once upon a time has its own lofty goals of being a mobile phone OS and then lesser goals of being embedded. Well Samsung and other Tizen Association members have additional goals for Tizen and look at the embedded space as another exciting place for a stripped down version of the OS to live / power.


The smart fridge in question will have a built-in display and also a Nexell’s Application Processor. It is also believed to have 256MB or 512MB of RAM and also integrated WiFi and flash storage.

So why have a smart fridge in the first place? Well it could tell you what you need to order, infact it could even order for you given the right circumstances. Other features are really down to the imagination. It could simply show you family pictures, or do a poll and display what the family want to eat and then order those ingredients. Whatever!

I for one look forward to see what innovations can take place, sadly most will dismiss it for now, but thats for now.

Please let me know in the comments if you like the idea of a Smart Fridge or is it really too close to the Terminator ?