Here we have a version of Playir running on the Tizen Developer Device PD-RQ. This demonstrates the ability to publish and edit an iOS and Android game in real-time..

With Playir you can become a games designer and create your own 3D multiplayer games with a easy tools that offer drag and drop capabilities for mobiles and PCs in order to create 3D multiplayer games. You are able to use the multiplayer servers to test and tweak your applications and also share your games for upto 3 people. There is a paid option that will allow upto 128 players to participate in your game.

How is it possible ?

We’ve invented an open source technology that allows you to update source code across different devices and operating systems in real-time. We’re packaging this technology to fulfil one of our greatest passions, to make creating games super-easy. Which means any changes you make can be sent across the world modifying games that are actually being played by real people in real-time.






You can get involved and back this project at Kickstarter.