Arynga Inc, a vehicle management software solutions provider has officially released CarSync ™ 1.0 at the Open Automotive Conference 2013 in San Diego, California, United States.

CarSync 1.0 is a end-to-end configuration management system which includes three main modules:

  • CarSync Release Package Tool (CRPT)
  • CarSync Management System (CMS)
  • CarSync In-Vehicle Gateway (CIVG)

Arynga showcased their cloud-based CMS together with their CIVG. The CIVG resided on an Intel/Tizen head unit, demonstrating the capability to update vehicle Electronic Control Units using a Freescale/QNX development board.

The CRPT is a patent pending methodology for managing multi-versioned software and firmware updates. It includes Arynga’s proprietary DIFF engine which greatly improves compression performance and minimized file size compared to other available delta file programs, whereby reducing transmission cost in the case of over-the-air (OTA) updates, and reducing target system update time (either via OTA or at the dealership).

The CMS is responsible for the configuration management processes and execution. It includes Arynga’s distributed message broker and message queuing infrastructure capable of handling over 1 billion messages per day, a linearly scalable distributed file system, low latency noSQL database, and a set of application program interfaces (APIs) for 3rd party integration, based on the RESTful interface with JSON as a serialization mechanism. It also includes CarSync OTA delivery service bus, with a highly scalable routing topology based on the distributed message broker and efficient, extensible interfaces.

The CIVG is interoperable with all major silicones and operating systems used in the automotive industry.

CarSync™ Benefits

CarSync is the most reliable, efficient, and intelligent platform for vehicle Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier One suppliers to remotely update and maintain vehicle software and firmware.

By ensuring the integrity of embedded systems for the lifetime of the vehicle, CarSync reduces recall rates caused by software glitches, and in effect, saves vehicle OEMs and Tier One Suppliers time and money, while improving customer satisfaction.


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