Tizen IVI (In-vehicle infotainment) is based around automotive industry requirements and through the GENIVI Alliance. Powerful automotive firms such BMW , General Motors , Jaguar Land Rover , PSA Peugeot Citroen, Renault, SAIC Motor are interested in the Tizen IVI platform to aid their in vehicle solutions as the open source nature provides much greater potential.

Tizen IVI aims to distribute  a standardized open source IVI platform available to car manufacturers. This would mean a reduction in the cost of in vehicle deployment and provide an application store which will be available to a range of car manufacturers. Tizen IVI prototypes are available via the Linux Foundation community providing great HTML5 support.

Land Rover demonstrated “Proof of concept of Tizen IVI” earlier this year. This isn’t available to buy, but gives us a glimpse of what to expect in the future of in-car entertainment based on Tizen.




‘Tizen IVI proof of concept’ was created from Linux Foundations Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) via a  user experience contest. Even though the contest is finished Land Rover still encourages improvisation on the project. If your interested in trying out the AGL Demo , the images are available from here.


Source FP7 Carmesh