Yesterday we saw Intel reaffirming their current position with Tizen and also the Tizen eco-system in the form of a statement that they have provided to us. Many still feared that without the full support and backing a of mobile phone manufacturer Tizen could still have problems.

Today Samsung has followed suit and released their own statement as follows:


“Samsung has been Actively working on Tizen eco-system together with Tizen Association members and partners. The first Tizen based smartphone will be released in cooperation with mobile operators and eco-system partners. Samsung is committed to delivering the best mobile experience based on the open platform and a fully-ready eco-system around it. “


As can be expected Samsung wants to provide users the best mobile experience that they can and this obviously takes time. As far as handset manufactures go we can see that Samsung is onboard and also Huawei has also previously pledged their oath of allegiance.

Source Telekom-presse